A Gray Space History

Gray Space

July 27

Metanoia Catalyst

Metanoia Catalyst: Fire is the springboard for growth. It has been used as a tool because of its regenerative powers in land management and political struggles alike. The power and speed in which nature regenerates in the wake of a burnt landscape is both a miraculous and inspiring phenomenon. It is a needed reminder that we are part of a cycle, one that has happened before, will come again and the sooner we rebuild and foster regrowth, the better. Leah Wilson & Kate Ali
May 26

Trophallacy – Vicki Amorose

Trophallacy - Vicki Amorose
May 26, 2018 Vicki Amorose’s performance, Trophallacy challenges the Win/Lose paradigm, especially in the arts. 
May 26

Tailgate Party for Art

Gray Space Group
Gray Space supports Vicki Amorose's performance, Trophallacy, with a tailgate party for art and exhibition of 2-d work at Eugene Contemporary Art.
October 28

White Noise – Kathleen Caprario

White Noise - Hult Center - Kathleen Caprario
Kathleen Caprario takes White Noise to 4 locations with Gray Space.
September 30

The Highest Fence – Renee Couture

The Highest Fence 20 - Renee Couture
Renee Couture brings The Highest Fence to the Northbound Cabin Creek Rest Area, 20 miles north of Roseburg.
August 18

Shelter in Place – Kate Ali & Lee Imonen

Shelter in Place: Brick and Mortar - Kate Ali & Lee Imonen
Gray Space makes its first public appearance with Kate Ali And Lee Imonen's project, Shelter in Place, at the Eugene Park Blocks.
March 18

Gray Space Mock-Up

Placing Gray Space
The Gray Space project space begins to take form.
September 25

Gray Space Conceived

Gray Space Specs, Kate Ali
Kate Ali presents her idea of creating a portable project space.
July 16

A First Gathering of Artists

A First Gathering of Artists
Kathleen Caprario contacted a group of artists that she wanted to know better and invited us to meet and to have a conversation. The common thread throughout each artist's work is an interest in place-based art.

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