White Noise – Kathleen Caprario

White Noise

White Noise

Kathleen Caprario

Hult Center, Mim’s House & Skinner Butte, Eugene, OR; Northbound Oak Grove Rest Area, I-5, OR

October 28, 2017

White Noise is a digital media installation that explores institutional racism in America. Viewers are presented with the opportunity to consider and confront their own feelings about race, the benefits of white privilege and to remember those who have died in racially motivated or institutional killings. The venues for presentation on Saturday, October 28, 2017—the Oak Grove rest stop on the I-5 corridor (mile 206), Skinner’s Butte from 6th and Willamette Sts. and the historic Mims House—reference different aspects of the area’s relationship to race.

Northbound Cabin Creek Rest Area

White Noise - Hult Center

White Noise - Mims House

Mims House

White Noise - Skinner Butte

Skinner Butte

White Noise - Northbound Oak Grove Rest Are

Northbound Oak Grove Rest Area

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