Performance by Vicki Amorose
With Tailgate Party for Art by Gray Space

Saturday May 26, 2018
7:00pm Performance (Slightly Cafe, 545 East 8th Ave, Eugene, OR)
6:00-8:00pm Tailgate Party for Art (500 block of East 8th Ave)

“Trophallacy” by Vicki Amorose, found trophy, rose thorns, metal, 2018

Images courtesy of Rachell Jarvis (top) and Sunny Selby (bottom left, bottom right)

Trophallacy critiques the dominance of the Win/Lose paradigm, pointedly in the arts. Blending live performance, video and voiceover, the work illuminates our cultural obsession with the creation of contests, rankings and competitions, and questions the artist’s acceptance of a damaging and often self-imposed framework. Vicki Amorose is an award-losing artist and writer, and a member of Gray Space project.

The Tailgate Party for Art, initiated by Gray Space, takes place 6-8pm outside the venue, with a 7pm break for the performance. 2D work by Gray Space artists will be on view through the month of June. Check out the interview with Kate Ali, Vicki Amorose and Eugene Contemporary Art.

Trophallacy at Slightly Cafe


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