The Gray Space Group

GRAY SPACE artists are Kate Ali, Lee Imonen, Michael Boonstra, Kathleen Caprario, Sandee McGee, Andrew Myers, Leah Wilson, Renee Couture and Vicki Amorose.

We are Oregon-based artists who gather around an ideaphoric concept: a cube-shaped itinerant art space, welded and wheeled by artists, made freely accessible to random audiences.

With this project, we choose to jump the fences of institutional thinking. We grant each other permission. As collaborators, we find momentum together and tap the generative resource of each other’s creative drive.

Back Row: Kate Ali, Renee Couture
Middle Row: Any Myers, Kathleen Caprario
Front Row: Lee Imonen, Sandee McGee, Leah Wilson, Michael Boonstra, Vicki Amorose

Gray Space Artists

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