Gray Space

Gray Space Specs

Gray Space

Project I, 2017

8 artists

1 traveling 6’x 6’ art space

2 months

8 Oregon Rest Areas

1 highway, I-5


Gray Space is a group of Oregon artists who gather around an ideaphoric concept: the traveling installation space, freely accessible to random audiences. 

In its first iteration, Gray Space will be parked at different Rest Areas along the Interstate-5 corridor for a period of 1 day per artist. The artist will be present to talk about their work. 

A map will be available soon for dates, times, artist and location. 

Gray Space intentionally engages audience without the confines and expectations of a gallery or art center. While on site, the project activates public space and explores the interplay between site, context, art and viewer. Gray Space creates a space of inclusion, potential, and dialogue.

Gray Space artists are well versed in the mechanisms of art funding, and with this project, choose to jump the fences of institutional thinking. We grant each other permission to install our individual work inside the Gray Space. As collaborators, we find momentum together and tap the generative resource of each other’s creative drive.

image credit: Kate Ali, Gray Space Specs

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