Gray Space

Kate Ali, Renee Couture, Andy Myers, Kathleen Caprario, Lee Imonen, Sandee McGee, Leah Wilson, Michael Boonstra, Vicki Amorose







Kate Ali & Leah Wilson:

Metanoia Catalyst







Renee Couture:

The Highest Fence






Kate Ali & Lee Imonen:

Brick and Mortar




Kathleen Caprario:

White Noise



Empty Gray Space Cube


Gray Space

GRAY SPACE IS A GROUP of Oregon artists based in the Corvallis, Eugene and Roseburg areas, who came together in 2016 to claim agency and circumvent institutional structures that require artists to ask permission. The group was born out of a series of discussions on how to engage in a contemporary dialogue that relates to the notion of place in Oregon.

GRAY SPACE IS A PHYSICAL MODULE, a 6’x6’x6′ steel frame on wheels. The cube is heavy duty enough to be suspended by a crane and light enough to roll to most locations. It has removable plexi-panels and walls that allow the artist’s work to engage the Gray Space cube while simultaneously responding to its larger environment. Each artist carefully considers the location of the Gray Space cube as integral to his or her specific work. The cube is an adaptable, movable mechanism through which art is presented and perceived. It offers a unifying set of constraints for the artists and a recognizable form for the audience.

GRAY SPACE IS A PROJECT that explores how art influences place and place influences art. The project invites the inclusion of an unforeseen or unexpected audience, broadening definitions of where art can exist. Locations are mapped and the work is documented on this website. Some installations are created by an individual artist, while others involve collaboration. Gray Space artists grant each other trust and autonomy and utilize the group dynamic to advance artistic experimentation and risk taking.



GRAY SPACE ARTISTS are Kate Ali, Michael Boonstra, Kathleen Caprario, Renee Couture, Lee Imonen, Sandee McGee, Andrew Myers, Leah Wilson, and Vicki Amorose. In addition to maintaining individual art practices, Gray Space artists are visual art educators (Oregon State University, Lane Community College, Umpqua Community College) and Oregon cultural workers (Oregon Arts Commission, Umpqua Valley Arts Association, Cultural Services Eugene). Detailed Bios can be found on each artist’s page. Rachell Jarvis is the Gray Space Project photographer.

Gray Space Projects

Gray Space’s Project Places

Shelter In Place - Kate Ali & Lee Imonen

August 18, 2017

The Highest Fence - Renee Couture

September 30, 2017

White Noise Hult Center: Kathleen Caprario

October 28, 2017

White Noise Mims House: Kathleen Caprario

Mim's House, October 28, 2017

White Noise Skinner Butte: Kathleen Caprario

Skinner Butte, October 28, 2017

White Noise Oak Grove Rest Area: Kathleen Caprario

Northbound Oak rove Rest Area, October 28, 2017

Trophallacy - Vicki Amorose

May 26, 2018

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